When I have to retreat back into myself, you’ve lost. It’s taken you three days and you’ve done it. You’ve forced me to retreat, again. Back into what’s safe for me because you don’t feel safe, again. Back to a space where I have to build myself back up, again. Because in less than three... Continue Reading →


Don’t look. I face forward as my heart screams begging for me to let it out. Each tear that escapes my eyes, reveals every feeling he ever made me feel. Don’t look. I face forward and feel the warmth of death in my chest. Each scar left on its wall, reminds me of all the... Continue Reading →


Her ocean is vast and on its surface tiny men in tiny boats dream. They dream of green grass under stripper poles. They dream of scaling buildings, then jumping off with eyes closed, missing all the beauty they’ve passed by. They dream of only things their eyes can see and their hands can touch. Things... Continue Reading →

A Boy and A Girl

Water splashed as the girl flailed, desperately reaching for the boy. Grasping at the sides of his boat. Looking through the whites and blue the ocean gladly provided. Her vision blurred and black slowly crept in. A hard pull, the boy looking into her soul, she felt a sudden need to “breath” he says. Her... Continue Reading →

I Choose Me.

I want to get on here and write about all the feelings I have inside. I want to write about love and how much I’m in it. I want to say that sometimes you stick it out and a bunch of other crap. But I can’t because that’s not how I feel anymore. I go... Continue Reading →

This Ones For Me.

It’s hard. You’ve had close to three years to know if you see anything more with me. Three years to try and live life with me. Three years and multiple in and outs. And still, after all that we’ve packed in that time, you don’t know. You don’t see me. It’s hard. I was afraid... Continue Reading →

This Ones For You

I see us in the future. I see us having fun with each other.  I see us being the favorite couple at the bar. The funnest couple at every event. The couple that doesn’t do things in a conventional way. I see a true partnership. You’re my strength when I’m weak, my safe space, my... Continue Reading →

Draw Blanks

Let me drift. Drift into the subtle blues the skies offer me, Float into the gray rain ridden clouds, and fade into the dark meteor lit nights. Let me drift. Drift with the tumbleweeds across the dry heat in deserts, float with the dead wood engulfed in river, and fade into the white foam gifted... Continue Reading →

The Girl

Just lays there. While tears stream down her face. While her mind screams hoping the screams are loud enough. Hoping they’re so loud they burst out of the cage they’ve been locked in. She lays there. While her soul shrinks back into the walls they peered over. While her spirit wanders away forcing her body... Continue Reading →

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