Well Here Goes Nothin

It’s nearly one in the morning I have to be up in 5 hours to start my new yoga routine (which let’s be honest… probably… not gonna happen now) and I’m creating a blog. Why start a blog at 1 am?

Because I love to write. If anything my purpose in this is selfish because writing is an outlet for me. It’s a beautiful place to set my thoughts and I have so many thoughts swirling around.  I’m 23 years old! I’m supposed to be enjoying life to it’s fullest! Shoot I’ve been waiting to reach this age since I hit 12 and now that I’m here… it is not at all what I envisioned.  It’s a messy messy age. I mean, am I supposed to have kids? Am I not?  Why aren’t I married yet? Do I even want to be married or do I want to be a strong, independent woman making the world her bitch? There is no way I’m alone in this.

There’s that secret part of our twenties where we throw all our morals and standards out the window (if not completely then to some extent) and experience one night stands, stupid drunken nights, the famed “friends with benefits”.  We go through heart wrenching break ups.  We become that one crazy ex girlfriend but we always look back and laugh at it. We get our first “real” job. We think over and over that we’ve fallen in love… again. All of these very real circumstances happen to us and it’s messy but it’s so good. The humor in it all is golden.  The life lesson’s we draw from our many, sometimes repeating, mistakes are irreplaceable. We grow into ourselves through them and I’ve come to love the day afters of a stupid night. It doesn’t even have to be a stupid night.  It could be after a wonderful date. It could be after a really really good burrito graces my tongue with it’s presence.  I love the day afters of my life and the day I live.

So what will I write about? Well… the day afters of life. I’ll look back on a moment and reflect.  I’ll find the humor in it and move on.  I’ll write about defining moments in my life and then as life progresses i’ll write about new ones that will possibly contradict the old ones because it’s okay to change.  It’s okay to do stupid things because everyone does something that is absolutely incomprehensible.   And, although, we may indulge sometimes it’s not okay to stay in our mid twenties as life escapes us. So I hope you enjoy and relate with what goes on in my life.

There are very few who crawl into the mind of Gena Fischer and love it.  Very few sit in my bloody heart and appreciate it. I’m an individualist. I am different and sometimes vulgar.  I’m the good weird… whatever that means and I’m writing a blog about my crazy ride through my twenties. If anything for someone to read my stories and find a quiet relief in the fact that life is not perfect and that humans suck, man.

Until next time.

7 thoughts on “Well Here Goes Nothin

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  1. I freakin love this! I wish I could subscribe and get weekly emails! Get mailchimp! Then you can gather fans and email them the link to your latest blog!!!


  2. Love hearing your thoughts! Though as a “mama” I guess some of those thoughts were a little “scary” to me. But I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!


  3. Love this Gena! You have now given me even more of a reason to stalk your page! I can’t wait for your next ‘Day After’ story!


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