What Are You Worth?

Hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve graced you with my presence… Miss me!?  I hope the holidays treated you well and you got super duper fat from thanksgiving.  Christmas is right around the corner, unfortunately,  I am not much of a holiday person buut I spread my own “cheer ” year round so that makes up for it.  Formalities out of the way, something has been on my mind for some time now and I thought,  “Hey! Let’s do a blog!” So I’m here to share with you my thoughts after a busy couple weeks.

We have all gone  through this at one point or time in our life.  Whether it is in a relationship with someone you love, with a friend,  at a job, or just dealing with people in general.   We get treated in a manner that is not fair.  We get used and abused and we just sit there and take it. Some of us react in a way that is empowering; we’ll say, “oh F them!” And remove them from our lives. Some of us let other people treat us that way because we’re “too nice”.  Then there are some of us that accept it as “that’s who I am.” This is really what prompted my concern. It’s one thing when we decide that we’ll allow someone to treat us wrongly in a certain situation but it’s another when we make it our identity (I’ll come back to this, stay with me).

I’m not here to tell you how you ought to act towards other people.  I’m not writing this because I’m angry at the world and I think all people are dumb.  I’m writing this out of genuine love for another person’s view on themselves.  If you want to yell and curse at the world for it being unfair that is your issue and it is something you need to spend some self realization on to fix that.  Removing people from your life, I feel, is a cop out to facing the issue and in an adult manner solving it (just to clarify here; in some cases removing individuals from your life is healthy to do so) how we allow people to treat us and how we treat others is all based off why we are in that relationship.  Do I want to selflessly love this person for who they are? Or do I love them in order to get something from then in return?  There are obvious boundaries to this and that is where the damage comes in.

It is never okay for another human to make you feel like how they are treating you is fine and dandy because you are “dumb” or “stupid” or “weak” or “you can’t live without them” or “dependent”. Those words are not your identity,  meaning it is NOT who you are.  It is also not okay for the receiver of wrong treatment to take up a “victim’s voice” and here is why I say that.  We allow for this to happen because we allow ourselves to believe we are worth less than what we are actually worth.  In simpler words, we determine our worth and that dictates how others treat us. So, what are you worth?

Be worth more than a million bucks.  Be worth more than gold. Realize that you can get through it and you WILL live afterwards.  Be your own happiness.  Be your own strength. Be worth someone who will treat you like you deserved to be treated because you treat yourself in the same regard. Be worth more because YOU ARE worth more.

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