To Be or Not To Be

There are times when I speak and what comes out of my mouth is completely unfiltered, straightforward and seemingly aggressive. I’ve been told that I come across as blunt or harsh or yes… aggressive. To clarify: not aggressive in the sense that I’m being violent or mean in any way but aggressive in that I’m straight to the point. I have a strong personality and a vulgar mouth. The energy that emits from my body surprises even me. I try to be fair and logical. I try to think things out prior to acting on them. I’m a rare breed and although all those things make up me… on the other hand; I absolutely love cooking, I try my best to be conscious of other people’s feelings, I may be a leader but gladly let any man assume leadership because to encourage the men around me I believe is engrained in me. So… why did I tell you all this?
Because strong women are being misunderstood. Because men are feeling… “threatened”? Because a girl decides to cook what she went out and killed. Because a man can’t be a man around a motivated lady. Because a man can’t get his life together so a lady has to pick up the slack. Because a lady can’t appreciate a man opening the door for her. Because a lady can do anything a man can do, right? Yes, I’m a strong woman with a straight forward personality but I’m not SO into “oh I’m a woman and I can open my own d*mn door, stupid man!” It almost enrages me at how funneled our generations thought process has become and how sissy our men have become and how caught up our women have become.
WE (as ladies) think that we can rule the world. We complain about men so d*mn much it is ridiculous and WE wonder why they don’t want to do things for us. How can we be so silly? And YOU (men) have lost all sense of manliness. Who cares if she enjoys hunting! Who cares if she buys dinner a time or two! Who cares if she said something stupid, you do it all that time, carry in the d*mn groceries anyway and quit being so sensitive about it. I feel like the men in this country are heading towards some revolution to “reclaim their pants back” Well why’d you give them up in the first place? Oh, because a lady told you to?
It’s okay to be confident, motivated, and respected. It is also okay to sit in the passenger’s seat and let a man take the wheel. It is okay, men, to be around a bright, confident lady. Yes, that may be intimidating but man-up and mirror her confidence. What’s missing from our society is appreciation. We are so self-entitled that we can’t even appreciate our opposing gender for who they are and what they bring to the table. What happened to the lady behind the man encouraging him in his endeavors no matter how stupid it may seem? What happened to a man behind a lady believing in her feat to achieve anything she puts her mind to? Where’d did everyone’s sense of humor run off to? Where did thanking the bagboy at your local grocery store go? Why can’t people smile at each other and say hi?
Do you see what I’m saying? It’s not about stupid petty issues. It’s about remembering to quit being so self involved that we forget to treat people with decency. WE are not owed anything. Remember that, and finding your “place” comes pretty easy after that. Rant over *drops the mic*

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