Hey, Hi.

Life, It’s so many things. Friendships, Relationships, …all those humans walking around out there. Who are they? What are they thinking? Have they smiled today? Are they tired? Did they stop to appreciate themselves today?
Sometimes you meet someone and it’s so uncanny how much you are willing to do for them in what seems like an instant. It’s funny in this generation to say that because there is SO MUCH happening but nothing happening at all. A million texts, a thousand dating websites, cameras in phones that you can talk into. It’s easy to hide in all that technology zipping past you. So meeting someone, is funny to say. 
Here is what I learned. (sorry no juicy gossip ever ends up in these) When you meet someone who challenges you, be real with them. Heck, try to be real with everyone. SPREAD IT, like a disease. Let people in more often. Let them know YOU. Does that mean more hurt? I don’t know maybe, if you look at that way. But maybe you could be helping them open their minds to new things. Maybe, you could change their lives. Maybe, you’ll make the cashier smile after a long day. Maaaaybe, they might write a blog about you. Haha You get it, yea?
Go with the flow or miss out on life. Like let’s pause, I miss out on a lot, my brain really keeps me back. Nothing is black and white and I refuse to think like that from now on. No two people are truly alike. So enjoy whoever you meet along the way. Don’t stop going, let a good thing happen. Be happy! Guysss, Be free! Please, if you could hear my voice and see my face, puhleese. Just figure it all out when you get there. (wherever that is, like who cares)
Let people experience you. My heart is happy. My mind is refreshed. I mean I was bummed. But about what? I met someone so cool. Like super cool. And I will always remember them. T’was a pleasure. Let life be a pleasure and be good to all those other humans walking around you. If you only knew how glad I was someone was good to me.
It’s short and sweet, folks. Sometimes that all it takes.
B,  if you read this: Your soul is beautiful to me; I’ll find it again.
P.S. Don’t overthink it. 😉

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