Soar HIGHer

Destined to be alone. That’s how I feel because when I feel it’s nothing but disconnect. I think different. I see alien. I feel tremendously. Follow me on this.

I think different. Because I am different. I’ve known it since I was a kid. My brain is too much and when it feels restricted it wants more. I move forward and up. Tie me down and you lose me. Narrow your opportunities and you lose me. The bigger the vision, the more I’m intrigued. Content is only a rainy day. Do you get it? Why me? Never, always why you. You’re my business. Because people are my passion. I want to know you. And not the you that likes books, coloring and watching the damn sun set. I mean you. Anything else bores me. Why? Because being real is hard to come by. And I desire to be real. I desire to feel human. E V E R Y D A Y.


I see alien. My eyes are not my own. Think larger, get this, see more. Because YOU ARE more. I can’t sell YOU being YOU if YOU don’t even know who YOU are. Read it again. Slower. Again. Now process, selah that shit. If you’re not living and breathing you every day. You’re stuck. Hear me when I say I want to get in your face and pry open your eyes because even when they’re open all you see is black. People don’t always get you. People won’t always agree. But what does that matter? Don’t feed me that bull. We eat it everyday of our lives. I want people to be real with their thoughts. Be real with feelings. Be real with themselves. To just be real. Hey, what I’m saying is… Can I feed off your hype or nah?

Feed off me.

I feel tremendously. Analyze? Fine whatever. Be 100 with you? Yes. Am I too much? ehh sure. But what would you rather have? Where are the people in a technology world? Oh my god. R E P E A T. Where are the people in a technology world? Why are we so bound to being safe? BREAK FREE! Get out! Think bigger. Feel more. More is what we need.

Destined to be alone because all I feel is disconnect. Why? Because I refuse to sift through bullshit. It stinks, dude, It is messy. Elevate or dissipate.


I’m no better than anyone else. Anyone else is where I want to be. Truly. Genuinely. My passion is in people. I can’t pretend to be okay because things are not okay. Look around. Read the news, see past it, then look some more. People are lonely out there. People are struggling. Our kind is content.

I’m just out here trying to feel human with another human.

Feel with me.


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