I miss you, I think.

I mean… I think I miss you. I think I mostly miss being comfortable with doing what I wanted and having someone to share it with completely. To Feel like everything you said to me was true and everything I said to you was true. I miss feeling excited about another human. I mean I think I do. I’m not mad. I’m not bUmmed. I was, but move forward and up. I have to stay up. I have too much in life to be down.

Ghost. That’s what you did. You left. No explanation. No bullshit exCuse. Nothing. But do you really owe me that? I don’t know. I refuse to think about you anymore. This is me. I’ll always be me. Consistency, honesty, and being real even though it’s hard to do. I have to be me always. I’m not sorry for anything I’ve said to you. I’m not sorry for saying too much. I’ll never be sorry. My hope is that you’ll be thanKful you met someone like me. I’ll erase you. Because if you don’t exist in my conscience, you were never real.

I don’t want you. I’ll never want You again. I have two good men in my life. I know what I deserve and what I want. You’re not it. I gave it another shot. I learned my lesson. I wish you the best, genuinely. Be a fool for sOmeone else. Think of me and be sorry, learn from what you did.  I did not lose.

I hope we’ve all thought this. Let me commend you for never looking back. Be happy. Don’t let anyone win. Don’t let anyone but yourself win, YOU ALWAYS WIN. You are worth it. Move forward and up. Someone of your caliber will be there. Remember that. Believe that. Be that, always. I will be called a million things in my lifetime, I’ll never know because it will never concern me. Don’t waste more energy on something that’s messy. Stop missing them. You’ll be better off. Trust me.

You know what, I know I don’t miss you. Thanks for the perspective.

I’m oUt here, always.

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  1. You are simply a creation in my conscious mind. I created you and I destroyed you. For a brief time you made me feel alive. I like the way you smile with your soul. You have a huge heart and you shouldn’t hide it. It’s beautifully you.

    -fuck you too


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