I love my dad.  I just want everyone to know who doesn’t already know. I love him not just because he’s my dad but because he is the best human being I know. I feel safe with him. I know he’ll never leave, and I admire him as a person.

I feel safe because

No matter how ridiculous life gets he is always the calm in the storm. No matter how exhausted and hurt my heart may feel he is there to patch me back up. I don’t have to say words to him. I don’t have to tell him what happened. He just fixes it.  I’m reckless.  I give the benefit of the doubt out a lot. I am just a lot. I know that. He knows that and he takes me under and protects me until I’m ready to feel again.  He doesn’t even know he does it because it’s who he is at his core.  He’s just safe. I’m always safe with him.

I know he won’t leave because

He never did. I know he was tired raising four kids. He was probably lonely sometimes. He probably hurt sometimes too. But he stayed for us. He was strong for us. He was happy for us. Everyone has issues they have to deal with. I set myself up to be left by anyone so there is no shock. Skeptical is me. You know who I never ever am skeptical about? Surprise!! My dad. Because as a 25 year old adult who says ridiculous things and acts like a fool on multiple occasions. He is still here and not once was there a punishment where he pulled away from me. That is gold.

I admire you. So much, because

You did some regrettable things too growing up and throughout life… I’m sure, I mean nitro? Heyo! ha but you are still a solid dude.  There are hundreds if not thousands of people who can vouch for this.  Every person you meet remembers you. I’ve not heard one bad thing said about you from people who know you just by me mentioning your name. You have taught me so much just by me watching you. I am so proud to be your daughter. I am so proud I’m a Fischer. Words cannot even describe how admirable you are as a person.

To all the dads, I wish you could meet my dad.  When there are little ones around, don’t be so foolish to think that your actions now towards people don’t matter. When she grows up and her heart gets hurt, understand that you were the guy that either: one, disrespected her or two, treated her with decency and value. Grasp that. Hear me.  Not everything works out but if at the end of the day you were a decent dude, then you won at life that day.

Loyal? Oh, to a fault. Available? Maybe too much. Caring? Yes. Direct? Oh god too much ha! But I can’t be anything else.  I can’t pretend to be anyone else.  I can’t spew out fake feelings. I wish I never do.

Thank you, dad, for instilling that in me. Thank you, dad, for being a good man to not just me but to people in general.


You are the best dad and I love you,


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