I stared at you just to stare. Just to watch while happiness danced across your face. Just to take in all that I could in a moment I cherished. Each moment, though far away, is a moment I want to remember forever. Every smile you give me. Every silly moment that slips through. Every hint of mischief that escapes your mind through your eyes. Every piece of you, shared with me. I want to take it all in and keep it forever because I’m not sure how much more I’ll get.
Sometimes forever isn’t really forever with me. Not because I think people aren’t capable of forever but because it’s so… real. I don’t think people take into consideration how real… real is, you get me? Forever is every day, every trial, every happy moment and every sad moment. Forever is loyalty, commitment, dedication, perseverance and a decision to love not a feeling to love. So why do we give promises of forever so flippantly? Best Friends Forever! I’ll love you always and forever!
We’ve lost the depth to the words we say. Because… we can? Because… it’s easy to justify our actions? Because… emotions run us? Because… insert here. Anything we say has no justification to the lack of real meaning behind the words we let leave our mouth. Call me crazy for holding someone to their word, right? Crazy for remembering when something is said or a feeling is felt, right? I’m scared that we’ve lost the ability to take other hearts into consideration. I understand that things happen and people will be people and sometimes it’s just not there. What I’m getting at is, relationships are not some game. It is not a cool thing to keep someone around because you can’t be alone. Or YOU need that person just for a little bit.
Protection of the heart is necessary in a world where dishonesty and selfish intentions run rampant.
Look all I’m saying is, learn to hold close to you what matters most and what’s real for you. Remember that not every day is sunny. Know yourself, sometimes hard decisions need to be made because you know your heart better than anyone else. There is something graceful and powerful about truly having unconditional love for those who you allowed inside. Keep that, even when it’s tough. They’ll need it and so will you.
Lastly, take everything you can, in. It matters.

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