To The Fleeting Heart

The one who “loves” over and over, to the one who seeks out the “next best thing”, to the one who abuses loyalty and commitment and words.

To the one who sweeps and gets swept, the charmer, the pleaser, the liar, the justifier, the selfish and the lonely.

Do us all a favor, look deep inside yourself, and come with a disclaimer. Take back your meaningless promises now. Take back the words you’ve said many times before to many different people. Take back the false view of yourself and look in the mirror. Stop projecting your disgust with yourself onto the many lovers you’ve encountered.

Keep the names of those lovers out of your mouth. They’re not the crazy ones. You are. You didn’t get away, they did. You are the ones with no identity. You are the ones who need us. You are an embarrassment to those who were associated with you.

Ask yourself, “Do I forever want to be a lesson learned?”

You are weak. You are broken not beautiful. You are faceless.

To the friends who lift up the doubting lovers, the ones left in the dark, the ones worth far more than all the riches in the world. Keep doing it. Keep being the best friend you could be.


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