Choose Love

Choose love when it’s easy. When time flees and you’ve no idea what you’ve been doing your whole life without it. Choose love when the days are long and emotions are relentless and you wish there was no such thing. Choose love when it’s hard. When you don’t feel it because there will be many... Continue Reading →

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't write this but it resonated so deeply within I couldn't help but share. I believe this goes for both parties. It's not about being the bad guy. It's not about them not being good enough.  Maybe it's just that they weren't for you.    And that's okay because someone will be for... Continue Reading →

That Thing We Call Love

Sometimes I wish it would stop. The constant ache within. The unhealthy yearning felt throughout my whole being. The physical and emotional affects that occur every minute of every day. The never ending thoughts of you that swirl around my head. The daydreaming. A twisted reality sprinkled with doubt. The fight to trust and to... Continue Reading →

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