Choose Love

Choose love when it’s easy. When time flees and you’ve no idea what you’ve been doing your whole life without it. Choose love when the days are long and emotions are relentless and you wish there was no such thing. Choose love when it’s hard. When you don’t feel it because there will be many times you don’t feel love. Choose love every day. Let it radiate from your soul. Let it be so apparent that people feel love in your presence.


Be strong in love. Know that to compromise yourself is sometimes necessary to love another. But to destroy yourself is not. Be smart with love. Manipulation is not a freeing love. Naivety is not a careless love, it is a dangerous love. Be selfless in love. Be selfless so that others can see a genuine love. So that others can be at peace and know that love can be unconditional. Be forgiving, to yourself and others. Know that we are human. Each day is a challenge. Grant yourself time.


It is easier to inconsiderate. It is easier not to deal with things when they get tough. It is easier to justify yourself when you’ve done wrong. It is harder to take the high road and put in extra effort. Harder, to be the better person. To be forgiving. To work through faults and past experiences that mold some. It is a hard thing to love when it matters most. And that sounds terrible because love should always be a gift but we are human and sometimes it means more in certain moments, regardless of consistency.


There is so much hate and selfishness and evil. Try your very best not to add to it. Be the best you can be, always. Your name has worth.
I’m not and will never be where I want to be. I don’t love in a way I desire to. I give in to my flesh daily. I can only hope that I achieve a tiny percentage of this by the end of every day.

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