Safe Travels

I’m currently looking out the airplane window from seat 30F. There are tiny squares, the shine from vehicles, and carved out roads leading in different directions. I’m heading to a place I’ve always called home, Anchorage, Alaska, with a peculiar sense of being. I came from the East Coast, from a place I knew I’d be and a place I never truly thought I’d venture.

I don’t know if something happened during my flight or throughout my trip but I am not who I was. I feel as if I am outside of myself, watching as I wade through what was my life. I stare at all those tiny squares, filled with people, filled with stories much more interesting than my own, and I’m no longer interested in me. The importance of my roll has decreased significantly. Not because I think I’m nothing but because there is so much more out there.

People will move on. The color in each vivid memory will fade. The way you made someone feel will change because emotions are not permanent. They are ever changing. Learn from them and gracefully let it and them go.

I am flying in a plane. In the air. Over the shine of vehicles, and roads for those vehicles to travel on. Grasp that for a moment. Human minds came together and made that possible. Have faith in yourself and those living on this earth with you. Let your soul pour out more love and less hate. You are stronger than you think. Know that not everything you want is what you’re worth. And that worth is based off no one else but yourself.

Those who are in my life, whether you come or go, happiness, success, and love is what I want for you. Be uncomfortable. Be forgiving. Be true to you. And if you feel stuck, know you’re not. You can always get out. You may not be able to come back, but maybe you aren’t supposed to either.

The world is much bigger than you make it out to be. Expand, detach, and breath. You’ll be okay.


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