To The Best Man I Know


This year I can’t write you a poem so you’ll have to settle for a public bragging letter instead.

I must say, raising four kids like us must’ve been quiet the feat. Making us eat squash for dinner. The road trips with the “quooows” because we had to go to church with the Canadians. The … you know what’s coming… “BREAK DOWN!!”. Well I suppose you didn’t, ha!

You were at every field trip, football, basketball, volleyball, track event… am I missing any?! You were there to talk through as many teen talks as our heart desired. The math homework (that was tough eh), the spelling before the bus came. Running out to bring me my glasses. Picking us up from school when we were “sick” haha. Orr got in trouble. *cough* Beth and Jay *cough*

You never showed us it was tough. You never stopped being positive. You pushed through and made it the best childhood we could ever ask for.

You taught us how to change tires, our oil, and made us (yes, you made us) help you work on the car. You showed us what loving unconditionally truly means. You were our dad and our best friend. You taught us that we could be weirdos and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. Now… being obnoxious probably wasn’t the best trait passed down to us buuut we got that too. (Some worse than others)

You are consistent and stable. You hold us together and lift us up. With you on the sidelines, we can do anything we put our minds to. Every day is Father’s Day for you because one day a year doesn’t come close to what you deserve.

We love you, dad. Thank You for being our biggest fan and best example.

Happy Father’s Day.


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