I Need…

Someone who touches my soul… with caution and gentleness.

Someone who holds my heart… with respect and loyalty.

Someone who feels my love… with awe and gratefulness.

Someone who see’s when I’m weak… becoming my strength and consistency.

Becoming the smile on my face and the skip in my step.

Becoming the security in my doubt and the assurance in my thoughts.

Becoming my muse when I feel and the perspective in my walk.

I need someone better than I could ever be and someone worse than I’d ever dream. So we can dance in the in between and grow in a life together.

I won’t settle for anyone else. So whoever you are, know I’m waiting for you. I’m preparing for you. I won’t be looking for you, I’ll keep on this path I’m on.  Just smarter and cleaner and with you in mind.   I’ve done a lot of stupid things and I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions. But from here on out, you get me… all of me. And I will love all of you.

I am destined to love the best man walking the face of this earth.  Call me a dreamer if you want,  but I know in my soul its true.

I am not destined to be alone.


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