Our life a book, separated by page numbers and chapters. Some unopened, some stuck on one page, engulfed by one chapter. Some pages more worn than others, some covers only looked at and set back down. Vulnerable hearts bearing their soul to the world outside their misunderstood minds.  Gentle hands keeping us in safe places.... Continue Reading →


It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It’s a time in our lives when all things seem to lose control. It’s scary, exciting, and different. What some people don’t tell you, is it’s lonely. It’s lonely because it’s not always something everyone can understand.  I know, I’m there. I’m in it. I packed one bag and... Continue Reading →


I remember the first time I knew I needed to let you go. It was in that moment I felt myself start to detach. It was then I knew nothing would actually work out. I had little to zero attachment to the words you sent me way. I realized there was no end to this... Continue Reading →

A Night With No Stars

I thank you not because you blossomed new flowers within, I did that myself. I thank you not because you did something great for me in a time no one else could, I did that myself. I thank you because you taught me a valuable lesson.  I’ve walked through fire on hot coals and I... Continue Reading →

My Sea 

I can feel you... I know and I’m sorry. I believed in you. I saw something greater than what stood before me. So I loved you.  You are prisoner to your past and slave to your ego. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to win and be real, to be free. ... so win,... Continue Reading →


If I could imagine detoxing, I’d imagine it being painful. An uncomfortable experience. Emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. The most important battle in life. The desire to gain victory over whatever it was stopping you from growing. Whatever it was that made you doubt yourself. Made you compromise your being. Allowed others to disrespect who... Continue Reading →


Running in circles on a cold rainy morning. My chest tightens, throat constricts. Music blares through my headphones but my mind remains louder still. “Slow down”, it screams but my legs aren’t listening.    My face is wet but the sky’s cleared up. My chest it aches but I can’t say why. Mourning a loss,... Continue Reading →

Daydreams and Nightmares

I reached in and ripped my own heart out. So I could watch it beat before me. So I could watch the blood drip between my fingers as I dropped down with it to the floor. You see, I had locked myself inside a room. Never wanting to come out because I liked what I... Continue Reading →

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