Aaaand Word Vomit, GO!

Guilty 🙋🏽 that’s me. For being stuck in this rut of writing about love and how much I deserve it and blah blah blah. It’s stupid. It’s too much. It’s ridiculous. I get it, do we want it? Yes. But why, world, are we so hyper focused?

Get over yourself… Gena. Yes, me. Don’t get me wrong, we go through things, and we feel things. #thanksemotions But I’m talking like I’m ready for that. I’m writing about it like it’s consumed me, when it really doesn’t. Also, Who. Cares.


I get so annoyed seeing all the these Instagram quotes. You know the ones “he’ll miss me” and “you won’t find anyone better than me” and “he broke me more than anyone ever has” and ohhh myyy goshhh. Someone, please stab me in the ear with a pencil. You get it, yea?

1) No dude, he won’t. 2) And yes, he will. (Ladies, gents… how bout rootin for the new team, eh?) 3) why’d you let him go and do that? I have been there. I have broken down and phoned a friend. But to continue to have power over me? Continue to have a hold on my emotions? Continue to wish and envision them unhappy? No. Freak no (working on no cussing). Because… I mean, why though?

Ladies, and gents (don’t think you’re excluded) don’t ever do that. Don’t stoop low, my friends, aim high. If they’re your “soulmate” they’ll be there forever. Be willing to accept that in whatever capacity forever might be and then… here’s a bright idea!

Keep. Living. Your. Life.

Do what you have to do to get over it. But don’t stay there. Check in and check out at noon. Then continue to better yourself. As my brother would say, “play the life game”. Because ultimately, you do those things to yourself. Be your person and be complimented by another, never completed, you are complete. (Probably in some quote, ewwa)

Remember, that one time when.. you had a life and they weren’t in it? Remember that? When you did that? When you lived without them?

Yea… everyone does. Anyway, rant over. Thank you Instagram, for the constant amount of gay quotes you provide to all the lovely ladies so… they can post them and feel “empowered”

Peace – G


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