Running in circles on a cold rainy morning. My chest tightens, throat constricts. Music blares through my headphones but my mind remains louder still. “Slow down”, it screams but my legs aren’t listening.   

My face is wet but the sky’s cleared up. My chest it aches but I can’t say why. Mourning a loss, when no one died. Breath in, breath out, breath in, then out. Each swell brings new feelings, each release brings more doubt. 

How can I say life’s been fine without you, when I’ve never truly ripped your soul from mine? The pain is indescribable, the outcome unpredictable. The truth that ripping you is ripping me apart too.  

I stop and look around, searching for safety, as my soul lies in front of me gasping for air.  

Sometimes it’s easier to grant time it’s simplicity, than allowing words to escape from the mind through all its complexity. 


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