If I could imagine detoxing, I’d imagine it being painful. An uncomfortable experience. Emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. The most important battle in life. The desire to gain victory over whatever it was stopping you from growing.

Whatever it was that made you doubt yourself. Made you compromise your being. Allowed others to disrespect who you are because… you deserved it? They “love” you? They “know” you?  


The necessary process to become a better you. The absolute must in gaining all that you’ve lost back. The war of flesh v. soul. 


So you can respect the people in your life. So you can accept the respect you deserve. So you can be okay with the process. 


It’s tough. It hurts. It’s lonely. It feels like forever.


But endure. Don’t give up, don’t give in. You are better than to be toyed with. You are above the games. You are deserved respect. 


Everyone’s gotta go through it. Some people won’t understand it. And some will stick by you throughout the entire thing. 

Be thankful for those. They’re the ones who see your worth. They’re the ones you’ll grow old with. They’re the ones who don’t play games because their all in with you.  

Detox, so you can reset your mind, renew your soul, and better your being. You’ll know what’s worth fighting for after that. You’ll know what’s real and what’s a game. You’ll know what’s worth it.  

You’ll grow up. 


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