My Sea 

I can feel you… I know and I’m sorry. I believed in you. I saw something greater than what stood before me. So I loved you. 

You are prisoner to your past and slave to your ego. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to win and be real, to be free.

… so win, love. 

Win so you can be a better man. Win so you can conquer the demons you give So. Much. space to, at such a high cost. Win so the song you sing goes further than the first verse. Win… so you finally start to truly love yourself.  

Win, so you can see who I see. 

I see a boy, searching for a love he never fully received, lost. I see a man, staring at his graveyard of past lovers, broken.  I see a boy, full of adventure and wonder, confined.  I see a man, brimming with love and promise, restricted. 

Whatever it is you see… don’t let it be the man, 
shackled with his own two hands holding the keys.  


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