A Night With No Stars

I thank you not because you blossomed new flowers within, I did that myself. I thank you not because you did something great for me in a time no one else could, I did that myself. I thank you because you taught me a valuable lesson. 

I’ve walked through fire on hot coals and I brought myself out of it. I’ve fought great wars within and I’m the one who won. I’ve slept in darkness, ate in darkness, loved in darkness and I found the light.  

To give you credit for my victories would be placing myself in your graveyard and I am not dead, I am very alive.  

You will not speak my name because nothing but shame follows you. You will not think of me because nothing but regret intertwines my memory. You will not hate me because you’d never forget me. 

You will fade like the stars do when the sun demands its stage. You will grow only as much as your damned ego grows. You will love only as deep as your love for yourself goes. 

My words will cut like truth because they are truth. My soul will shine brighter than any you’ve laid eyes on because my heart is the stage. My being will love deeper than any ocean, making the waves my slave.  

I do not hate you, I never could and I never would, I love you. That is why your lesson is valuable to me. That is why I thank you and that is where the lesson hides, in layers. 

Through the heat of the sun, against the salt in waves, engulfed in the love of my truth.  

I will not be boxed up, to be opened when you see fit. I am open and I am so goddamn worthy of all I set my eyes on. 


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