I remember the first time I knew I needed to let you go. It was in that moment I felt myself start to detach. It was then I knew nothing would actually work out. I had little to zero attachment to the words you sent me way. I realized there was no end to this cycle that made “us” unless I took myself out of it.  I knew I wasn’t making you a better person. 

So I struggled for so long to actually do it, for months. I still struggle, some days are better than others. But if you’re not helping me be a better person and I’m not helping you then there’s nothing left here.  There’s no point. There is no endgame.  

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had to do this. To let someone go when sometimes, they’ve already let us go. Whether it’s an ex, a friend, someone you love or all of the above wrapped up in one… commit. If you don’t commit things will never change. They won’t get it, they won’t understand it because they never really heard you in the first place. And that’s okay. Stop explaining. Say what you need to say and commit.  

Then give them time to do the same. We can’t make decisions for them, we can only make them for ourselves, remember that, and don’t give in. Don’t let emotions win this time. Live with whatever decisions you make and actually learn from them. 

Life goes on. It truly does. The struggling will stop. The random pop ups will end. There’s no need to tie this one up. Be okay with the way things were and let time do it’s thing.  

Your heart is important too. That’s a hard lesson to learn and to stand by, at least it was for me.  

Love and be loved.  Be a better human, don’t visit who you were in the past for a little entertainment.  Be tired of sounding like a broken record.  

Break the cycle.  

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