Our life a book, separated by page numbers and chapters. Some unopened, some stuck on one page, engulfed by one chapter. Some pages more worn than others, some covers only looked at and set back down. Vulnerable hearts bearing their soul to the world outside their misunderstood minds. 

Gentle hands keeping us in safe places. Delicate fingers flipping through each page. Eager eyes reading each word as if they were their own. Misunderstood souls seeing misunderstood souls, exactly as they are.  

Dust ridden corners swept away with each turn. Ink, wet with tears, glueing pages meant to be closed forever… 

Angry hands tearing them apart over and over again. Analyzing each word, each sentence searching for a meaning that heals their pain. Making and remaking a reality that fits their justification. Hurting hearts looking for answers… looking for closure. 

Misshelved love searching, grasping for anything to bring those words back. To make them feel alive again. Lost, hurting, and confused souls stuck. Unwilling to flip the page not realizing that the chapter isn’t their last.  

Chapters, pages, memories, words… all but a page number. All but a moment true in its entirety. Take it all in. Believe each word that rocked you at your core. And find peace that each chapter ends. Each and every chapter in your book has to end… so a new one can begin.  

Be at peace in knowing that your chapters have ended well. They have each had their lessons. Each are filled with laughter, tears, and memories You can feel again when You close your eyes. Each preparing you for the next.  

Here’s to a new chapter,


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