Do you know what it feels like to be in a room but hear nothing and see nothing? You know when you’re there but not really there. When you smile and laugh but nothings really happening inside. Do you know how it feels to float among the souls passing by... empty and broken? You know... Continue Reading →


Miss me When you feel my touch, brush gently past you with the wind. When you hear my voice, fall to the ground with the leaves. When you see my face, give life to the earth with the sun. When you breath my soft scent in with the crisp winter air. Miss me When you... Continue Reading →


I close my eyes and slip into darkness. Arms spread wide, I fall, welcoming the cold splash on my back. Slowly my body is engulfed by waters comforting grip. The stars begin to fade as I sink deeper, watching as memories pass me by on the way down. I interact with some, laughing as I... Continue Reading →

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