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“Who are you?” The girl in the mirror asked. “I’m pure. I’m whole. I’m clean” she replied. I’m a good girl. I’ve loved but for all the right reasons. I’ve exhausted myself personally for them. They have broken homes, no food, little attention. I loved them. I lived for them. “No, I asked who are... Continue Reading →


We live in a world that condemns you for having your own thoughts. People preach to be open minded and accepting but that’s not actually true, is it? You can’t be you without some type of repercussion. You can’t speak your mind without hurting someone’s feelings. You know what I’m saying? Agree or go F... Continue Reading →

Consequences By, Kevin Whitley

Welcome to the guest column! I am so excited for this to take off. In this column I’ll have different writers in case you get tired of mine. They will be from those who have challenged me, inspired me, people I admire, those with opposing views and opinions. I try to be very open to other thought processes and other people’s perception. I may not always agree or sometimes like that person but it’s a view none the less. I hope you enjoy!


What is destiny to you? Love, maybe? Life’s cards dealt to you? That seems to be a common use for the word destiny. “We were destined to be” “We're soulmates” “you were put in my life for a reason” “I'm destined for this” ... and it goes on. We all know the story. We’ve maybe... Continue Reading →

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