We live in a world that condemns you for having your own thoughts. People preach to be open minded and accepting but that’s not actually true, is it? You can’t be you without some type of repercussion. You can’t speak your mind without hurting someone’s feelings. You know what I’m saying? Agree or go F yourself is what they really mean.

I can’t stand it. We are creating more division, more enemy’s, more negativity. It’s a breeding ground for close mindedness. You want freedom? Be able to accept that not everyone is going to agree with you. THEN KEEP LIVING YOUR LIFE. Not everyone will have the same convictions you do. And that’s OK. They don’t have to and you don’t have to hate them for it.

“Positive vibes matter” that’s what we hear but where and when do we draw the line without digging ourselves farther down the ignorance rabbit hole? Why does it feel like our voices are being strangled? Why are we so fake?

Seriously, we’re fake.

You know why authentic people are so rare? Because we’re in a world full of fake humans. We’re making it okay for losers to be losers. Babying some bum ass dude. Feeding delusional females. We’re normalizing this culture of eggshell humans. You know what I’m saying? Where, people who don’t even matter, now have a say in who we are.

I say no. Hell no. You a hoe, be a hoe but don’t stay a hoe. And if you’re going to hoe then you can’t get mad at all the things that come with being a hoe. (Replace hoe with anything else and the concept still applies)

Be better folks, Be so far in your head all the rest becomes static. You get it? Turn the volume up on your own thoughts. Rock to your own vibe. And whatever happens, it’s on you.

You have to be able to think for yourself. Don’t let society make you a prisoner. Don’t be jailed up anymore than you already are. Liberate yourself from what’s “normal”. Free yourself. Nobody really cares that much, remember that. And if they do, they’re focusing on the wrong thing in life.

Refocus. Think bigger. Dive deeper.

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