Not Today

“Who are you?” The girl in the mirror asked.

“I’m pure. I’m whole. I’m clean” she replied.

I’m a good girl. I’ve loved but for all the right reasons. I’ve exhausted myself personally for them. They have broken homes, no food, little attention. I loved them. I lived for them.

“No, I asked who are you?” The girl asked again, aggravated.

“I’m messed up. I’m lost. I’m broken” she replied.

I’m nobody. I forgot to love myself. I don’t know how to love myself without all my accomplishments. I’m selfish, I thought that was loving myself. I’m nobody.

“Give up, if that’s who you are, give up” the girl in the mirror said, fading.

It remained silent for awhile. While they stared at each other. They looked like strangers to each other. Dark and closed off, they stayed there.

Until one day, She replied, with tears streaming down her face, “who are you? If you’re so sure, who are you?”

I am everything you wish to be and everything you were. I am beautiful. I am different. I am human. I am love. I am you.

And slowly the voice became familiar. Slowly her face looked like someone I once knew. She’d aged, she looked tired, beaten up.

But that smile. That smile that never quits. That smile that’d lighten up a room. That smile that danced it’s way through every heart she met, That was mine.

I smiled back. Give up? That’s not me.


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