AK to NJ

As most of you already know, I moved from Alaska to New Jersey. I was itchin to get out way before that and held myself back with fake excuses. I don’t have any kids, I’m single, and I’m able. So, I did it.  I learned a few things during this move and I’d like to share them with you.


Lesson Number One: Don’t wait to make that huge change. The one you are constantly making excuses not to make. That thing that brings you into the deepest parts of self-doubt. Don’t wait, just do it. Deal with whatever obstacles come up along the way and know that where you’re at currently is not your last stop.  It’s not the end of the road for you, don’t turn around and go back.  Find your way, by yourself.


Lesson Number Two: Don’t be afraid to wade through whatever emotions that change brings. It’s okay to feel. Go through what’s necessary to get to the other side. Then do it all over again. And keep feeling until you’ve sorted everything out inside. Remember your priorities and remember the kind of person you aim to be.  You’ll be alright. You’ll struggle, but you’ll be alright. And don’t be afraid to reach out, it’s not weak, it’s smart. If you’ve ever been in this type of emotional space, you get it.


Lesson Number Three: Be okay with being alone.  Be okay with yourself. I’ve always preferred to do things by myself, but I’ve not really been alone. I was in a town where I had a lot of people I knew and where a lot of people knew my face. It’s true, I’m not completely alone here but I am happy with myself.  I like hangin out with my own thoughts.  I like the mini adventures I go on.  Learn to like yourself, and I mean truly like yourself.  If you’re consistently having those late at night thoughts, you’re not there yet. Everyone goes through self-doubt at some point, that’s normal. What’s becoming normal and isn’t, is people adopting other people’s interests because they don’t have their own. What do you do when that person is gone? Those interests now bring you heartache. I get trying things out but don’t get so lost in them, that you forget you. Get to know yourself, it makes everything much simpler in life.


Last lesson,

Remember that what you are going through is going to pass. Remember that not everyone will understand and as disconnected as you may feel, find a way to connect. Remember to continue loving those who love you, just love everyone. My niece would say, be kind.

But I mean, what do I know, I’m just an Alaskan in New Jersey.


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