Red, Red, Wine…

I lie in this queen bed for two and stare at the other side… It’s been empty for so long.

I slide my hand across the mattress and feel the temperature switch from warm to cold… I stare into the darkness.

I stretch out but, still, it feels, as if there’s not quite enough space. I wonder who will make space.

I turn onto my back and look up at my thoughts splattered on the ceiling like bugs on a car windshield.

When will they be shared with someone else’s thoughts?

I reach out and grab another pillow… Why do I keep two pillows on that side? I turn to face the wall, my back to all the other side represents, and curl up with all four pillows.

Sometimes this life feels lonely. Sometimes these nights seem darker than others. Sometimes my mind races through the past. Sometimes our heart hurts.

There will always be better nights.


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