The Girl

Just lays there.

While tears stream down her face. While her mind screams hoping the screams are loud enough. Hoping they’re so loud they burst out of the cage they’ve been locked in.

She lays there.

While her soul shrinks back into the walls they peered over. While her spirit wanders away forcing her body into auto pilot.

She lays there.

Looking through a blurred lens at nothing. Gutted with precious words, carelessly thrown out. Realizing there was always nothing there.

She just lays there.

Her thoughts swirling with blank canvasses. Because she knows the price she paid. She knows the hit she took. She knows this place is more than just familiar.

She knows that all she can do is lay there… until she’s ready to dress her own wounds. Until she’s ready to switch her own lights back on. Until she’s ready to pick herself up because she knows no one else will…

So she does.

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