A Boy and A Girl

Water splashed as the girl flailed, desperately reaching for the boy. Grasping at the sides of his boat. Looking through the whites and blue the ocean gladly provided.

Her vision blurred and black slowly crept in.

A hard pull, the boy looking into her soul, she felt a sudden need to

“breath” he says. Her lungs gasp for air, her body gives in to dead weight, on the edge she hangs. “Pull me in” she says but He’s already let her go. She feels the bite of ocean water on her back.

Her vision blurs and black seeps in.

Fighting, she makes her way back to the surface, the yellow of sun offers promises of warmth. Her arms failing, her body begins to faint, her soul grants her one last

“breath” he says, pulling her back up. He pulls her up but never in…

She grips the edge, she hangs on hoping to regain strength. Hoping to pull herself in, hoping to steal one last glance from the boy…

Her vision blurs… black crashes in.

Welcoming the cold cuts the deep blues offer, she sinks. The black gifts her the sprinkled brightness of each star. Each memory filled with laughter, with love, with peace. She sinks, giving up her choice to

“Breath” he says, staring at her while she drifts, deeper she goes. Distancing himself as he stands. Away from the edge, closer to the embrace of his sun.

The girls lungs listen, they take in all the blacks and blues her heart endured. Her eyes fixed on the dancing rays above, silence swirls around her. She allows the deep to take her, realizing he’s just a boy, she’s only a girl.

Always worlds apart and always so close, never in the same boat.

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