My Sea 

I can feel you... I know and I’m sorry. I believed in you. I saw something greater than what stood before me. So I loved you.  You are prisoner to your past and slave to your ego. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to win and be real, to be free. ... so win,... Continue Reading →


If I could imagine detoxing, I’d imagine it being painful. An uncomfortable experience. Emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. The most important battle in life. The desire to gain victory over whatever it was stopping you from growing. Whatever it was that made you doubt yourself. Made you compromise your being. Allowed others to disrespect who... Continue Reading →


Running in circles on a cold rainy morning. My chest tightens, throat constricts. Music blares through my headphones but my mind remains louder still. “Slow down”, it screams but my legs aren’t listening.    My face is wet but the sky’s cleared up. My chest it aches but I can’t say why. Mourning a loss,... Continue Reading →

Daydreams and Nightmares

I reached in and ripped my own heart out. So I could watch it beat before me. So I could watch the blood drip between my fingers as I dropped down with it to the floor. You see, I had locked myself inside a room. Never wanting to come out because I liked what I... Continue Reading →

I Need…

Someone who touches my soul... with caution and gentleness. Someone who holds my heart... with respect and loyalty. Someone who feels my love... with awe and gratefulness. Someone who see's when I'm weak... becoming my strength and consistency. Becoming the smile on my face and the skip in my step. Becoming the security in my... Continue Reading →

To The Heavy Heart

To all those weighed down with burdens unimaginable. To the faces wet with tears at 2 o clock in the morning... every morning. To the days that are supposed new days but are saturated with the old. To the tired eyes losing their smile. To the weary minds flooded with thoughts that are unrecognizable. To... Continue Reading →

B, I Might Have a Blog for You

"I wanted the same end game too, I just didn’t see it" Those words have rang over and over again in my head. They’re intertwined with all the memories of you "seeing" it. They’re riddled with confusion and regret. Regret not for the moments we did have but for the last time you came back.... Continue Reading →

To The Best Man I Know

Dad, This year I can't write you a poem so you'll have to settle for a public bragging letter instead. I must say, raising four kids like us must've been quiet the feat. Making us eat squash for dinner. The road trips with the "quooows" because we had to go to church with the Canadians.... Continue Reading →

Choose Love

Choose love when it’s easy. When time flees and you’ve no idea what you’ve been doing your whole life without it. Choose love when the days are long and emotions are relentless and you wish there was no such thing. Choose love when it’s hard. When you don’t feel it because there will be many... Continue Reading →

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