AK to NJ

As most of you already know, I moved from Alaska to New Jersey. I was itchin to get out way before that and held myself back with fake excuses. I don’t have any kids, I’m single, and I’m able. So, I did it.  I learned a few things during this move and I’d like to... Continue Reading →

Am I Crazy?

How often do you ask yourself that question? How often do you wonder, “Is something wrong with me?” You know, the famous “What the hell am I doing?!” For me, I’ve asked myself those questions almost every night. I’ve been told by multiple people that I’m not myself. That I wouldn’t feel that way if... Continue Reading →


I swipe through old photos, watch old videos of my friends, my family, and live in old memories. They make me happy, they make me smile. But The people in the photos are in the past. They’re different but the same, you know? Everyone has changed, they’ve moved forward with their lives. My siblings have... Continue Reading →

Not Today

“Who are you?” The girl in the mirror asked. “I’m pure. I’m whole. I’m clean” she replied. I’m a good girl. I’ve loved but for all the right reasons. I’ve exhausted myself personally for them. They have broken homes, no food, little attention. I loved them. I lived for them. “No, I asked who are... Continue Reading →

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